Maria Teresa Calderon

President and founder

Maria, fun fact n°1 

Maria worked on a film that was nominated for the Oscars!

Maria, fun fact n°2 

Maria has friends she can stay with in 20 countries!

Maria, fun fact n°3

Maria loves learning languages. She speaks 3, but says she understands 5!

Maria, fun fact n°4

Maria dreams of becoming the next Mother Theresa when she retires!

Ricardo Rios

News Markets Manager

Ricardo, fun fact n°1

 Ricardo is crazy about cycling, already more than 10,000 kilometers to his credit and without losing the pedals ...

Ricardo, fun fact n°2

Loves dance music. Small problem: he can't dance!

Ricardo, fun fact n°3

A keen observer and analyst of the political environment

Ricardo, fun fact n°4

He always has ideas or plans for everything… except the dishes!

Yves Bernard

TV, Web and Radio Director

Yves, fun fact n°1

Yves loves to compete, especially when his opponents let him win at tennis!
Yves, fun fact n°2

Find out how Yves has time travelled at #documentairesTV!
Yves, fun fact n°3

Yves has visited more cities than he has years in his age…

Luis Milton Echavarria

Customer Service Director

Luis, fun fact n°1 

Luis has many passions to play with over the days… Advertising, food and photography

Luis, fun fact n°2 

His passion for photography has taken him to different places in the world, among them Egypt and Yemen… Let’s say that’s pretty far from the white sand beaches of Dominican Republic.

Luis, fun fact n°3 

Obsessed with Skateboards during the young years he spent 2 days in DR with no other than the King itself Tony Hawk….!

Luis, fun fact n°4

As a Proud Dominican you should think that he’s a Bachata master, but he really have 2 left feet for that!

Carlos Narváez

Director of Photography and Editing

Carlos, fun fact n°1 

Carlos is an F1 racing fan. He attends the F1 race in Montréal every year #F1automobile.
Carlos, fun fact n°2 

Carlos went to the Polidor Restaurant in Paris after seeing the video of Residente #residentecalle13.
Carlos, fun fact n°3 

Carlos is a devout fan of the Montréal Canadians #CH.

Samuel Bernard-Calderon

Marketing Project Manager

Samuel, fun fact n°1

Samuel is a Jack-of-all-trades! From painting to assembling furniture, it’s a great asset for a company!
Samuel, fun fact n°2

His favourite dessert is cheesecake…too bad for him as he is lactose-intolerant!
Samuel, fun fact n°3

A true Hockey fan, he promises better success than his local team #CH