Maria Teresa Calderon

President and founder

Maria, fun fact n°1 

Maria worked on a film that was nominated for the Oscars!

Maria, fun fact n°2 

Maria has friends she can stay with in 20 countries!

Maria, fun fact n°3

Maria loves learning languages. She speaks 3, but says she understands 5!

Maria, fun fact n°4

Maria dreams of becoming the next Mother Theresa when she retires!

Juan Carlos Mory

Administrative Assistant

Juan, fun fact n°1

Juan Carlos is passionate about retro video games.

Juan, fun fact n°2

Juan Carlos loves to travel and to learn a bit of the local language to be able to
make new friends.

Juan, fun fact n°3

Juan Carlos can’t eat anything savoury without eating something sweet immediately
after…the perfect balance!.

Yves Bernard

TV, Web and Radio Director

Yves, fun fact n°1

Yves loves to compete, especially when his opponents let him win at tennis!
Yves, fun fact n°2

Find out how Yves has time travelled at #documentairesTV!
Yves, fun fact n°3

Yves has visited more cities than he has years in his age…

Samuel Bernard-Calderon

Office Clerk

Samuel, fun fact n°1

Samuel is a Jack-of-all-trades! From painting to assembling furniture, it’s a great asset for a company!
Samuel, fun fact n°2

His favourite dessert is cheesecake…too bad for him as he is lactose-intolerant!
Samuel, fun fact n°3

A true Hockey fan, he promises better success than his local team #CH

Carlos Narváez

Director of Photography and Editing

Carlos, fun fact n°1 

Carlos is an F1 racing fan. He attends the F1 race in Montréal every year #F1automobile.
Carlos, fun fact n°2 

Carlos went to the Polidor Restaurant in Paris after seeing the video of Residente #residentecalle13.
Carlos, fun fact n°3 

Carlos is a devout fan of the Montréal Canadians #CH.

Philippe Couture

Marketing Project Manager

Philippe, fun fact n°1 

Philippe loves to travel; he has been to 5 Continents. His dream is to establish himself in Spain one day
Philippe, fun fact n°2 

He’s a great soccer fan, his club is the FC Barcelona
Philippe, fun fact n°3 

Passionate about cooking, he loves to make his own pizza and home made pasta